Hay Products

Alfalfa Hay, a staple of Imperial Valley agriculture.  We grow Alfalfa year around, in the most productive growing region on earth.  To insure quality, we do it all in house from irrigation through baling. 


A by product of Alfalfa Seed production, Alfalfa Straw is coarse and dry.  


Sudan Grass, typically an export product, is a tall dense grass. Our goal is to try to bale Sudan slightly on the immature side to ensure the product is as soft as possible.


Similar to Giant Bermuda Grass, Common Bermuda is slightly shorter in stem length and produces a denser bale.


With over 50 years of experience producing the highest quality Giant Bermuda grass in the world, we are still at it and still refining.  Giant Bermuda Grass produces a slightly longer stem which in turn produces a cleaner flake out of the bale resulting in less chaff to clean up.  The sunny warm summers of the Imperial Valley are the ideal location for clean green Giant Bermuda Grass.


A byproduct Wheat Grain production.  Wheat Straw is bright golden yellow in color, ideal for horse bedding, or just decorations.


Typically an export product, Klein Grass produces high acre yields.  Over the years West-Gro has refined our baling ability to focus on our grass products creating a consistent color, moisture level and bale package dimensions.


Growing in popularity, Teff Grass is becoming a highly recommended alternate forage by Vets across the country.